It’s 7pm the night before I plan to leave. I have about 16 hours until I leave for my road trip. And boy am I freaking out. There is so much left to do, and clearly not enough time. But really, when is there ever enough time? I really want to make a mini documentary, but I haven’t even started filming and it is father’s day so my family is over. I don’t believe my ‘pre’ filming is going to happen. I guess I will just wing it, as I am going to do with this trip. I still don’t even have a confirmed route. Camera testing never happened. Packing has yet to occur. I’m definitely not in enough shape for the amount of hiking I am planning on doing. Oh well, it will just be a test of my own physical and mental limitations (or how much drugs I can have in my body in a day). The filming part of this probably won’t go as I wanted, but I believe everything else will workout and it will be worth it anyways. I’m looking forward to all those who I will meet along the way. Everyone has so many interesting stories to their lives and I can’t wait to hear them from those who have experienced so much more than me.

Those stories I hear will be posted along with a (hopefully) daily post on what has happened. I will have no one to keep me company but the sounds of my tears (jk I will have music to drown that out), so this blog will be my form of contact with other technologically dependent human life forms. This is going to be a good experience. As unprepared and terrified as I am for this, I really can’t wait to go out and test myself on this trip.


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