This is not quite how I imagined Reno. Tons of rundown buildings along downtown, sketchy looking people, and way more motels compared to food places than I thought would be here. I wouldn’t say it’s bad though. Just reminds me a lot of driving down Hollywood blvd. I bet at night it would look awesome with all the neon signs they have (granted half those places probably aren’t even in service anymore), but I am only on one street in one part of Reno. I have no idea what else is around and sadly I don’t have the time to check it out too much more than for food, since I still have another 4+ hours to drive (that’s only to Elko, not even salt lake).

I stopped to eat at this little coffee shop deli called “dreamers”.

20130617-160508.jpg It’s cute and cool and they place some nice indie music which I was digging. The food’s about standard price for a cafe. The only food is bagel sandwiches though, but I enjoyed mine a lot. It looks like they feature a local artist every month, but I’m just speculating. The one guy who works here was very kind.

Welp, now that I’ve finished my meal it’s off to my next stop.


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