Day 1: Elko (updated)

So I arrived in Elko about 9pm. I had been on the road for about 10 hours and everything was not as I planned. I started to feel really sick about 6 hours in, but I just thought it was due to the lack of food I had eaten. I had stopped in Reno around 4 but had yet to eat anything else. So somewhere around 7 I stopped at this gas station in basically the middle of nowhere to get something to eat. It was quite interesting the type of people that were there. Everyone knew everyone and they were all hillbillies! Ok they weren’t quite hillbillies, but it was definitely more of a hick town. They had gizzards on the menu. Gas station gizzards. And just when I thought “who the f would even want to eat that?!” a guy walks in and orders some. I figured I’d see this sort of stuff in Arizona and New Mexico.

Anyways the drive overall wasn’t too bad. I practically cried when I saw the Nevada border and passed it (mostly because my sanity wasn’t quite there from driving for 4 hours alone without stopping). I saw such beautiful landscapes and oh goodness, was the sunset amazing. The clouds were a beautiful pinkish purple and they were set just above the mountains. It was better than the pictures I have seen! I wish I had time to see more, but I look forward to all that Utah has to offer for me in the next few days! šŸ™‚


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