Day 2: Salt Lake City

Today has been a wonderful day! I driving wasn’t too bad (about 4 hours) and I stopped to see many beautiful things (which I will explain later) and I didn’t feel that sick! After passing into Utah, I saw the salt deposit flatlands that everyone dreads (or so I thought), but honestly I didn’t think it was too bad. It was especially cool at first to see this ice like landscape surrounding me, only to find out it’s salt. I stopped as soon as I could to check it out. Walking on it was weird…it felt almost like snow slush, but it was a lot more course, like sand.

After I continued on, it did get a little dull, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I drive on 5 to Disneyland (good god that is such a boring drive). Eventually I saw THE lake, after a half hour detour to find where there is a way to see it. The sand was basically salt (hence the name), which of course I wasn’t really expecting because I don’t often use my brain. I burned my feet waking to the water because I like to live life on the wild side. It was very pretty, but it wasn’t as amazing as I thought. Maybe because it smelled (apparently it’s due to the brine shrimp?) and it was extremely windy with tons of flies.

Salt Lake City itself is really cool though! I enjoyed driving around and seeing all the huge mountains on the eastern side, although driving was a but more challenging due to the millions of freeways/highways that run through the town. Seriously, I did not know so many freeways could exist in one town. I don’t even think LA has close that many. It’s like you take 6000 S to 216 L to 5280 just to get to a gas station (ok I know it’s not that bad all over, but it was something like that for me).

After taking 72 different freeways for a 15 minute drive, I got to cottonwood canyons. And my oh my, is it amazing. I drove up and stopped to see all the different landscapes and scenery before reaching the top, where the sunset and I saw a moose! It was possibly the most incredible drive/sights I have seen in my life so far. Oh I also almost got bit by a baby rattlesnake, but that was really cool too (only because I got extremely lucky).

Now I’m off to bed and ready for my next adventure tomorrow. I hope everyone else’s lives are going swell as well 🙂

(ps. If I had Internet on my computer I’d upload photos, but that will just have to wait)

Photo Update:


salt deposit area


Big Cottonwood Canyon





This guy is just straight lurkin


At the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon there was a moose!



Salt Lake cityscape




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