Day 4: Drive to Boulder

I know I’m posting this a little late, but yesterday was an extremely long day. I woke up and had to check out by 11 in Moab, Utah, from which I started my drive to my current location in Boulder, Colorado. From Moab, I drove down highway 128, which was a little bit of a detour, but it was definitely worth it. The highway follows the Colorado river, which was green (was not expecting that!) and surrounded by beautiful rock formations and other gorgeous scenery.


(photo was overexposed 😦 and it’s not uploading the corrected one)

As I continued, I got onto 6 and saw an abandoned, rundown town. It was very eerie, but somewhat serene.Image

Then later on when I was back on 70 and stopped for gas, a big, greasy guy with a grocery bag asked me if he could take me to Rifle (about 40 miles). I said sorry sir, because there is no way I’m taking on a hitchhiker who is twice my size when I am by myself. Before I could say anything more, he cut my off like he was used to people saying no to him. Of course I felt extremely bad, but I just couldn’t risk it. He said he had gas money so I’m sure he would be able to get there somehow (bus?).

Glenwood Springs was my next stop to get some food and a little break. It was your standard town, just somewhat secluded up in the mountains. Oh and apparently they have hot springs there. I wish I had more time to check that out, but I wanted to get to Boulder before it was dark.

Rest stop:

Another really adorable random town was Frisco. It was very small, and looked to be designed for ski/snowboarding, but it was just so cute! There was the main strip for all the shops (so many bike and other outdoor activity shops) and then mountain peaks surrounding it. I would definitely go out there again in the snow season.

Ok so eventually (7:30pm) I made it to Boulder and I am just in love with the town! It’s like Davis, where everybody rides bikes, but there are mountains to hike, and creeks all around, and it’s just kind of awesome here. The people at the hotel are extremely friendly as well. Jessica, who was working at the desk, helped me out a lot with everything around town. Her boyfriend, Carl, was really funny and let me play with their dog (who is half wolf!) and their little baby, Kyle. The 9 year old, Ray, was shy at first, but then opened up a bit when we started talking about Despicable Me and Monster’s University. He even gave me a hug when he went to bed! They are an extremely sweet and funny family, and I am so happy to have met them.

When I checked in another woman who was in the lobby was telling me all about the hiking areas, so today (the 21st) we are going to go hiking together. Her name is Angela and she used to be a cyclist and race until she had multiple head injuries due to multiple accidents. I have to say she is a trooper. She was really kind as well, and oddly reminds me of my friend Shelby. I’m not sure why, maybe because they are both extremely skinny yet fit, or they stand the same way? I don’t know, but I can see Shelby being like her in the future (super adventuress and won’t stop for anything).

Anyways, I need to get moving on today, so that’s enough of that for now. Sadly, there was not many places to turn off on the road so I couldn’t get that many good pictures, but here’s a few of the Boulder area.


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