Day 5: Inconvenient Blogging Time

Ok so I’ve been getting to hotels late (11pm whatever I’m tired) and I just have exhausted all my energy during the day, so I am blogging very late, or the next day. Hopefully soon I can get back on track, but for tonight, the majority of day 5 will be posted in the morning (which will be day 6). I’m very sorry about this. I am starting to get low on my own personal fuel tanks with all these adventures I’m having!

Here’s a list of my day:
-woke up and packed to check out,
-goober (Carl) called and said they had watermelon for me, so I went downstairs and met them and chatted
-Ray showed me how to make tons of cool paper airplanes
-went down to pearl st and got a sick new cruiser board and set up for it
-met Angela and went hiking up in Flagstaff
-Angela and I took Ray to see Monster’s University (which was great)
-got Jimmy John’s (sandwich place) for dinner and started the drive to New Mexico
-saw a beautiful sunset, pulled over to some random town’s golf course and people were just appalled by this androgynous girl skating around with a camera (I wanted to tell em to start putting their clubs in their bags and not in their well…you know…it was quite funny)
-got to Pueblo, found a hotel, and then it’s only a 5 hour drive to Albuquerque now

Good night all. Hope you all have sweet dreams of whatever makes your dreams sweet (mine is of cats in flannels with bow ties)


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