Day 6: Albuquerque

First of I have to say, I could never live in Albuquerque not only because of the heat, but because there are cockroaches running around EVERY FRICKIN WHERE. The most disgusting little creatures just walk around in the shadows and scatter like crazy when you walk. Ew, they are just so creepy, I just can’t.

After arriving in Albuquerque and relaxing a bit, my stomach grew to be quite hungry. I saw there was a sandwich place nearby, it was closed already, then saw another place, closed as well. Since everything seemed to close early in this side of town, I went to check out the downtown area. It reminded me a lot like the Hollywood strip, dirty, lots of crazy people, and bars galore. I found a cute little hotdog shop called “Chicago Dog” and decided to try it out. They had a wonderful list of all these different hotdog combinations based off of different locations. I went with the San Francisco dog, which had avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, crushed French onions, and sriracha. I avoided the sriracha, but I still found it to be a great hotdog. Very strange, but delicious nonetheless. I highly recommend it.

It’s a local shop owned by Tammy and Danny and their kids. Tammy and Danny were the ones working that night and they were extremely kind and friendly. They told me all about the town. Apparently Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman were there last week, and I practically died. If I had met the one of the best actors ever and god, you probably never would hear from me again because I would just be a puddle of mush.

Eventually I met up with my friend Levi, and we walked around Central Street (main downtown strip) before walking up to the campus of The University of New Mexico. I thought the campus was cool and very neat in the way of its design architecturally. So as we were walking around, Levi and I heard someone playing the drums from the parking structure. We go up to check out what’s going on, and these three guys are playing music and just rocking out, while all these other guys are longboarding down the structure. It was so awesome! I couldn’t even handle it. I wanted to be part of their group and just hang out like that every night. Then fireworks started going off from the ballpark and it just made everything 10 times cooler. I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

Oh and I also met a prostitute.


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