Santa Fe

Currently I’m in Albuquerque waiting for my friend Levi to show me around the area, so I won’t talk about Albuquerque yet.

Santa Fe was beautiful. The adobe architecture, prominent art influence, friendly and kind people, it was amazing. After the 10 min search for parking in downtown, I got out to walk around and I stumbled upon an art fair going on! There was so much beautiful art! I talked to a couple of the artists and they gave me some tips and tricks. One guy, Josef Tornick, took these beautiful photographs using the “through the lens” technique, which e taught me how to do. I will be sure to try it out soon. Then this other guy, also a Joseph (Joseph Comellas ), created these beautiful and somewhat whimsical landscape paintings. He told me about the historic Catholic Church which was down the street. Apparently the Catholics ran out of money and so the Jewish community helped pay for the rest of it, so there is a Hebrew inscription somewhere by the door to thank them for their help. I went and checked out the plaza and the church and then went back to tell Joseph about it and he actually gave me one of his little paintings for my birthday! It was so sweet. I couldn’t even begin to thank him. He said very kind words to me, which I will forever keep in my heart.

Santa Fe’s downtown was just a lovely place, even with all the tourists (I know, I am one too). I will definitely go back there again.

(When I have wifi, pictures will be uploaded)


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