Day 9: Driving

It’s 10pm and I am in Lee Vining, which is outside Yosemite. This morning I left Kanab and drove up to see Zion National Park. Well, when I got there, they told me the visitor center was full and I needed to park in Springdale, and that the only way around is the shuttle. So I drove past the visitor center and kept going to try and find Springdale, only to find 2 hour max parking. I keep driving and it is the end of the park. I’m highly confused and just frustrated, so I decided to just get on with my drive towards Yosemite area. I at least got to drive through some of the park (which was gorgeous) and take this extremely long and dark tunnel, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. 

I probably sat in the car for 7 hours, so you could say my butt is pretty sore. Who would have thought driving can tire you out, but it has. Or maybe I’m still just very tired from everything that I’ve done over this trip so far. Nonetheless, it has all been worth it. Even lil grumpy me (from the park incident), couldn’t stay grumpy for long. The views (except most of Nevada) were just amazing and I calmed down. The world is just so beautiful. There is no reason to be grumpy over something that was because of such beauty. I mean it was silly to be grumpy anyways (I get grumpy easy when tired if you couldn’t tell). 

The best time to drive is any time after 6pm, hands down. The sun is lower, so shadows exist and create more depth to the landscape. The sky is also just a deeper blue. And sunsets. Oh god, sunsets are probably my favorite. Just from 6pm to nightfall is the best. Well, I guess that is in my own opinion. I’m sure morning time from sunrise to around 9 or 10 would be lovely as well to drive. Luckily for me I got to drive by and through White Mountain Peak and Glass Mountain, and Mono Lake, and Inyo National Forest. I loved driving the roads through those areas. You definitely have to fill up your gas before, because there are not a lot of towns on the drive. Even though I already drove past it, I think I will go back to check out Mono Lake up close.

Now to bed and another day of driving! Tomorrow is my last day of my trip. Although I won’t be home quite yet, I will be staying at a friend’s house and just relaxing and hanging out before driving home, so there will not be much to report. All the photos of all the journey that I haven’t been able to post will get posted though. Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with the time they have. 


One thought on “Day 9: Driving

  1. I totally agree about your driving times… I love driving from 6 o’clock on. It really lets you see how slowly the sun starts to set below the landscape and how the light can transform a place. Absolutely beautiful.

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