Day 10: Raymond

No, I didn’t die just yet. I just don’t really have service out here at my friend’s house in Raymond. She pretty much lives in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a pretty cool place.

For day 10, I got to drive from Lee Vining through Yosemite, which of course was extremely beautiful. I love driving through that place. Ugh. Mother Nature just knows how to create some beautiful things. I had never seen the east side of the park or the entrance, and boy was it incredible! The mountains had snow still and there were just so many lakes! It was breathtaking. Plus it’s up so high that there are all these scenic overlooks that look down in the canyons of the park. Simply incredible. Just like all that I have seen.

When I return home, I will post everything, but then I am going to San Francisco to stay at another friend’s house for Pride this weekend. So I may not have time today, meaning I will post it all Monday. After that, I don’t know. My next travels will be in the end of July, so there will be more to post on this blog. Just not for a bit of time.


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