Next Adventure

So I know I have yet to finish my more “detailed” (ish) blog posts from my road trip, but I’m onto my next adventure which I will do my best to keep updated. Most of the photos from my last trip have been uploaded to my Flickr. I’m missing the last couple days but I don’t have wifi to post them.

Currently I am on the California zephyr train headed to Ottumwa, Iowa where I will be meeting my very good friend Carolyn. She’s a super cool cat so I’m highly pumped to see her. It will be a 47 hour train ride and holy crap I’m going to be on this train for two days. Well I was very excited about this train ride, but now I’m a little worried that I’m going to go stir crazy. Weirdly enough, I’m in a car and no one else is sitting in it with me, which concerns me greatly. What is wrong with it? Or is everyone else just happier being packed all in one car. Oh well, I’m able to have a window seat and that’s really what I wanted. Maybe more will join me here later.

The train follows the same route I drove to Colorado, so it’ll be a bit repetitive for me to see. Although this time I will actually be able to really see things since I don’t have to focus on trying to drive.

I’m sure I’ll get bored and you’ll be able to see the digression of my sanity.


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