So Begins The Journey To New York

So it’s 6:20am and I have been up since 3:30 this morning. Why would anyone do that? Well I honestly don’t know why any sane person would be up that early if they didn’t have anything to do, but I got up at that ungodly hour so I can fly to New York today. 20 years of my life have gone by, and finally for the first time, I am taking a flight. I’ve never been against flying or anything; I just have never had an opportunity to fly. Since I will be attending Queens College in the fall, I decided flying was my best option.

(Side note: it just got extremely light outside out of nowhere.)

Normally I go to school in Monterey, CA, but this year I am a part of the national student exchange program, so I am able to study at another school! I have always wanted to visit New York since I am a film major, and I figured nothing would be better than getting to spend a year there without all the expensive costs of out of state tuition.

Well, I guess we are boarding, so that will cut this short. More updates on how I deal with flying once I land and get settled in New York.


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