The Big Apple (So Far)

Well, more like Queens so far. I haven’t really had time to explore much of New York, let alone Queens. I moved in and have just been trying to get everything ready for my room and school, as well as trying to make friends. Luckily, I have met a lot of friendly people here despite the NY stereotype. Finally I have everything I need for my room. Well…. I think I do…

Wednesday I had my first day of classes, which included TV Directing and Screenwriting. Both classes are going to be a lot of projects and extra time outside class, but I look forward to what I will be doing for all of the projects. My screenwriting professor is probably the most intimidating person I have had so far, mainly because he is actually a professional screenwriter and has written screenplays for feature films, like Vigilante. How awesome is that?! Hopefully, I will be able to produce some good work this semester, and impress him (as much as a student can).

My roommates and I all get along quite well. We are all very unique, but we do mesh well as roommates with the qualities we each share. I’m on a very different schedule than most of them (I have 3 other roommates), so I won’t see them much on weekdays probably.

Today I’m going to check out Coney Island with some NSE kids, and hopefully more of the city tomorrow with my roomies. Last night I was able to skate around a bit at sunset and tried to get some photos of the area:
I have a lovely view of the NY skyline (it’s way better in person).

The enormous cemetery right across from our school.ImageImageImageImage
Flushing Meadows ParkImageImage

Soon enough, I will post photos of the school and my room. I just don’t want to be known as ‘that kid who clearly sticks out as not from around here’ yet.

Also, I do miss all my friends and family back home quite a bit. But, I am excited about all the adventures I will have, and if I make friends along the way, so be it, but I definitely have a lot of love from friends back home, which is all I really need.


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